Due on April 30 2013
Unit Owners 3
Unit Owners 2
Reed Smith


Our attorneys from Reed Smith are seeking photographs that you have taken of your Units, prior to fire. They are particularly interested in the interior of units showing the SPRINKLER HEADS. All photos should be sent to Jean M Farrell, Esq. at

Pictures of the G and I buildings had been already sent to them. Pictures from the C, E, H and M buildings would be very helpful to our cause. Please list your Unit number and name when you send this off.

Thank you !


To date we are still waiting for the Judge to sign off on the GVP Election. We will put a note on the Website as soon as this occurs.

Please be patient as our intention is to provide you with greater transparency.


A new Board was elected, sanctioned and verified by the Referee, Steven Mogel as appointed by the Judge.

The new Board has been instructed to await any actions until the Judge signs-off on the results.

Once the sign-off is received, a Board Meeting will be immediately held for the purpose of electing Officers.

Unit Owners will be advised of the results following the Meeting.

Thank you for your interest!